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30 min art exercise of a bow (source)

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da repeating patternz i made 4 my carrd (ended up not uzin da middle 1) alzo da firzt 2 rnt gr8 bcuz ov da bg n other stuff alzo herez da base

Sketchtember 02

I like how this one turned out!

Lyon with Edelguards crown acc.

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Vänga Mosse - 18.07.20

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I did the 6 fanarts challenge over on Twitter ! This time around, it was all Fire Emblem Characters!

I live for soft, flustered Niles.

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last one for now! my mom's double peony bushes are blooming- they're very small bushes, but according to her they were given to me by my great-grandfather, and are probably around 50 years old!

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did the hatsune miku redraw thing that was going around! this was fun i love drawing miku

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Proud to announce that I am At It again.

Here's a pantsless (and dangerous) pretty boy, as is tradition.

shout out to the kirby server i mod for finally banning the huge homophobe

Alfonse for @zachfonse who won my art raffle!

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Join the worm on a string fan server Discord Server!

Check out the worm on a string fan server community on Discord - hang out with 1 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

i did it

made a new discord server. it is called "worm on a string fan server" but that is not actually what it is. it's just a general server i made because i wanted to make a new public server

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blossom polyphony

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happy april 13th!!

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Didn't post here in a long time. Sorry.

In the middle of all this mess we're all in I'm playing The Sims and working on my comics. Here's a new OC~

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slowly takin fantrolls and making them... Not fantrolls.

kerrim's a unicorn


My gift to myself, god I love these two.

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Roxy can have a little Niles,,,,, as a treat

i knew eventually if i entered enough art giveaways i'd win one

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18th March 2020

i really am vibing with this colour palette thing

it's a shame becaues it still leaves me without a correctly coloured ref

but these are much more interesting to draw