hey, i'm sen (or jason), i'm 24 years old, gender is fake and i'm extremely nonbinary (any pronouns!). also extremely bisexual. and polyamorous. i'm pawnshophearttradingup on tumblr but new site means an opportunity to claim my otp as my url so i went for it

i like fire emblem (mostly heroes but tbh i'll probably post about all the games) and... other stuff that isn't coming to mind rn. other video games, for sure. cartoons. emo music from the mid-2000s (but i don't really participate in band fandom stuff anymore, thank god).

i'm also a writer, which is Pretty Fun. my ao3 is pawnshophearttradingup but it's all feh fics

tbh it's probably easiest to find me on twitter, my @ is lineraway (honestly not sure why i'm typing these out when i'm linking it all anyway but w/e)

i have a girlfriend who is very cute and very adorable. she's not on waterfall but she is wonderful so i'm obligated to mention her. love you pastel

i keep meaning to rewrite this page but trying to think of things to say about myself is weird and bad so it will probably never get rewritten to be better. i'm sorry