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I did the 6 fanarts challenge over on Twitter ! This time around, it was all Fire Emblem Characters!

I live for soft, flustered Niles.

Alfonse for @zachfonse who won my art raffle!

My gift to myself, god I love these two.

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Roxy can have a little Niles,,,,, as a treat

Practicing drawing characters in portrait and testing out some different shading techniques.

Have some redos of my bunny sprites that I originally did like a year ago while I keep working on that other thing.

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The Immaculate One

Gender locking classes is a crime and is a part of canon that I blatantly ignore.

intsys be like. here's two characters who have some common interests and share a similar dream. no they don't get to interact at all

anyway here's yuricedes. baking sweets together!

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well fire my emblems its an FEsona

got a new tablet pen so i can actually draw without being terrified my pen will screw up which is great

(reupload of a pic from last month bc editing the tags broke the image or smth D: )

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ref sheet commission for a twitter client!! ♥


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Niles Time

(The washi tape is sparkly blue but my scanner couldn't pick it... everything else is b&w)

Kiss me you animal

and don't ever let me go

-Kiss Me You Animal by Burn the Ballroom

Part one of my little Valentine's day project featuring my favorite fictional man.

Better than your fairytales

Better than your best dreams

-Wanted by Hunter Hayes

Part two of my Valentine's project this time with my pinkiest FE OC Nereza.

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fire emblem....

I know I hinted at like five other things that weren't this woman, but Valeria is what I drew.

First Niles for @80roxy08 with G7

Thank you @80roxy08 for also sending g8, this fueled my soul.

Forget everything else I've ever drawn, this is where I peak.

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(There's a lot of CSP brush I never use, despite them being rather nice...)

These were supposed to be quick sketches but ya know, it's fine.

Left to right, top to bottom we got Jasvin, Nikos (Jasvin's twin), Ianthe, and Eris (same dad as the other three, different second parent).

Bernadetta lineless commission for @/kbnsane on twitter!

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If you're Hapi and you know it, clap your hands (twitter)

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Yuri von Fire Emblem

A small drawing of Yuri from Fire Emblem cause he's a beautiful man and I love him;;;