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shout out to the kirby server i mod for finally banning the huge homophobe

i knew eventually if i entered enough art giveaways i'd win one

i just think the "blocking for bad vibes" people might not be great at explaining themselves? but tbh i understood EXACTLY what they all meant by that. not having 100% "solid" evidence someone is bad. but noticing dogwhistles or other minor things in their about/bio, or their posts, and being like "am i gonna put up with this? absolutely not"

like you can say people are being quick on the block there but when you're marginalized in some way, you kind of HAVE to be to protect yourself sometimes.

i'll block everybody. i'll block you. i'll block your mom. i'll block your dog.

just had a Phone Interview

i did not do great but it lets me know what to expect (it was mostly a lot of Saying Things That I Put In My Application And Resume)

happy anniversary to me and my girlfriend, pastel! love this lady

Join the worm on a string fan server Discord Server!

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i did it

made a new discord server. it is called "worm on a string fan server" but that is not actually what it is. it's just a general server i made because i wanted to make a new public server

i'm finally setting up my new server. yee and haw

got a call back about a job i applied to! had to leave a voice mail back! i don't like doing voice mails! it was awkward! please

i didn't forget i wanted to make a new discord server but i kept getting called away and now it's late

and also i don't have a name for it yet

so tomorrow i guess

i'm home. trying to think of how i wanna set up my new server

i wanna make a new discord server

when i get home i hope i remember to do that

blehhhhh vent

yesterday i left a discord server because i was Fucking Tired of it since it stopped being fun for me. of course since i was forcibly made a mod against my wishes the people on the server tried to make it a huge deal

... to the point where one of them suggested that someone goes and ASKS ME WHY I LEFT (i found out because one of my friends was also made a mod on that server and was screenshotting it)

and i'm like "really. really gonna hassle me about leaving? Are You Serious"

like nobody went through w/ it and i'm hoping either they realized it was a bad idea or my friend, who knew bc i told her my reasons (it mostly came down to i got tired of these fuckers trashing the things i liked all the time and not even like actual criticism just like "oh 'anime games' bad" )

but still it's like that has made me actively think "wow good thing i left that server"

fandom discourse-connected, discussion of homophobia and transphobia under cut. def a personal post

okay so like. i get it. i don't like fujoshis myself, a lot of them are fetishizers and i do think that cishet women centering their online personalities on m/m ships is very questionable, particularly when a lot of them just don't CARE about gay men irl bc that's homophobia, babey!

but i also feel like people are so quick to throw that term at other people? like. i've been called a fujo and i'm openly trans masc (the fact that i have the trans flag all over my twitter should probably have clued that person in ngl)

though that might also just have been open, unabashed transphobia lmao. like at the time i might not have had trans masc in my BIO but like... the reason i got called a fujo was bc this person was mad i didn't like book 3 of feh and was like. complaining a bit about it on twitter (and... most tweets i made were jokes).

to see all of those in the first place, however, they had to scroll past the ones where i was OPENLY TALKING ABOUT BEING TRANS MASC. and if they checked my carrd they would've... seen that i go by jason. which yeah, doesn't necessarily mean i'm trans masc but coupled with my carrd also saying "if you're a stranger who can't avoid using gendered terminology for me, masculine is preferred" it's like. i don't think it's hard to pick up on that?

even minus that tho, i am like very openly nonbinary and that was still on all my stuff even if i didn't put that i'm specifically a trans masc nonbinary person. so it was still intentional misgendering because this person didn't... agree w/ my opinions? and thought "oh, they ship brufonse so"

i did block them for that tho bc like. what the fuck lmao

anyway i lost my original point bc i wanted to complain abt that again. yeehaw

fuck daylight savings

when i woke up today i had an ao3 kudos email... two people went through it looks like most of my fics and left kudos on them


vent-y post under cut! it's fandom drama tho so not super serious

so one of my acquaintances got "called out" for their brufonse art drawing alfonse too femininely (which i kind of agree with but i think the issue lies more with how this acquaintance characterized alfonse, particularly in comparison to bruno) except... i just saw the tweets that called them out and people were just shittalking them horribly and nobody seemed to have actually gone up to them to say something?

and i noticed at least two people involved w/ that shittalking had done shit that was just as bad as what my acquaintance did, if not worse, and i'm a little like REALLY?

like i'm not saying my acquaintance did nothing wrong because they sure did (and they agreed and said they were gonna do better from now on) i'm just like floored these people did this without maybe even THINKING of examining their own work

i've been watching a lot of asmr videos on youtube lately, the kinetic sand ones and "soap crunching" videos especially. thinking i might try to do that myself when glacier's open tbh

job applications are so wild because you'll apply and then they'll have you do an "assessment" where they ask you like "would you literally die for this company" and say there's no right or wrong answers but if you don't say "yes, my employers could literally kill me and i'd be happy to die for them" you will not get hired

i want a sword

me: i wanna join more discord servers!

-joins more discord servers-

-gets so many notifications that it's overwhelming-

me: A H

complain hours

if this one dude doesn't shut the hell up about him being unmodded from this discord server i'm on (and mod for) for doing nothing good as a mod and just being a huge jackass i WILL vibe check him

breaks into your home with glue and a paintbrush and unslices your bread

thinkin about


spent most of the day laying down! because i have been sick! yeehaw!